5 Best Puerto Escondido Surf Camps Reviewed (2023 Guide)


Have you been wondering about the best surf camps in Puerto Escondido? I’ve got you covered!

Puerto Escondido is world famous for having some of the best beach breaks in the world. There are consistent waves all year around and nice warm water (between 77°F to 86°F). There is beautiful nature and wildlife all around. Plus, there are some seriously great Puerto Escondido surf camps.

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced and want to improve your surfing, or try the barrels at Playa Zicatela, a surf camp is the best way to experience the Puerto Escondido surf. Here are the best surf camps in Puerto Escondido:

My Top 3 Picks: Best Puerto Escondido Surf Camps

A surf trip to Puerto Escondido is something you won’t forget. And picking the perfect surf camp will make that experience even more memorable. Here are the best surf camps in Puerto Escondido, including options for all budgets and all levels of surfers.

1. Oasis Surf & Spanish School– Best Puerto Escondido surf camp for learning Spanish

Are you interested in a week of progressing your surfing AND Spanish skills? If so, you’ll love Oasis Surf & Spanish School.

The camp is very close to the city center of Puerto Escondido, and only a couple of steps away from the beautiful beach and Puerto Escondido surf spot Carrizalillo. In addition to 7 nights of accommodation in a private room, this Puerto Escondido surf camp includes Spanish classes, surf lessons, surf photos, daily yoga/surf fitness classes, and more.

Oasis provides transportation to all the surf spots around Puerto Escondido, they will find you the spot with the best conditions for the day, and all the material you need will be provided. The surf camp is suitable for all levels.

Inside the surf house, there is a common area with a pool, where you can relax or meet other travelers. The house also has a fully-equipped kitchen, coffee, a pool, terrace, and more.

We also really love how the surf school provides semi-private surf lessons, with up to only two students per instructor. Before you get in the water they will teach you the basics of surfing, surfing techniques and ocean knowledge.

Special features:

    Spanish Lessons from professional certified Spanish teachers

    Photo and video analysis available

    Semi-private surf lessons

    Swimming pool at the surf house

“It is impossible to describe! The teachers were amazing, the accommodations super cosy and the surf camp vibe was just perfect. Felt like a dream!”

2. Experiencia Surf Camp– Best Puerto Escondido surf camp for yoga

Right in the heart of La Punta, the most popular surf spot in Puerto Escondido, you will find Experiencia Surf Camp. The hosts here will make you feel right at home and the beautiful green garden also gives a homey feel to the place.

The hostel has private, shared, and dorm rooms for you to choose from. We’re also big fans of the nice roof terrace with an ocean view where you can do yoga or just relax after a long surf session!

This two week surf camp includes 10 surf lessons of two hours and absolutely improves your surfing. The camp also includes a surf photography session that your instructor will go over with you to help improve your surfing.

The instructors will take you to different surf spots all around Puerto Escondido, so you will have the best surfing conditions for your skill level. Yoga lessons are also included, and there is an option to take Spanish lessons.

The hostel can also help you with tons of other activities to do around Puerto Escondido, such as dolphin watching, turtle release or swimming in bioluminescence waters. The off-time is a great time to connect with other guests, and go out together and to explore the Mexican cuisine and Puerto Escondido nightlife.

Special features:

    Photo analysis available

    At least 20 hours of surfing lessons

    Located in a popular area

    Ideal for solo travelers to meet other travelers

“Such a nice place to be, I would choose Experiencia over and over again! I actually planned to stay one week for surfing and ended up staying more than two weeks and even taking Spanish lessons. All the surfing instructors are super fun, it’s never more than two students per instructor and it’s no problem if you’re a beginner. The Spanish school is very modern and a really nice place to learn Spanish, Micky and Sairi are the best!! You can’t compare the surf camp to a hostel, it feels more like becoming a little family. Thanks Mauricio and Martin for spending your time with us, playing ping pong every day or going to the Calenda all together. It was such a fun time with amazing people and a great atmosphere. Thank you!”

3. Barbarenas Yoga & Surf Retreat– Best Puerto Escondido surf camp for relaxing

Barbarenas Yoga & Surf Retreat is located in the La Punta area, a little bit away from the busy main street but still close to the beach. This Puerto Escondido surf camp is really unique in that it not only includes accommodations, surf lessons, and yoga classes, but also breakfast and lunch.

The 8 day surf camp options includes 4 surf lessons, 3 daily yoga classes, and one private yoga class, and one private meditation class.

The design of this surf house is simply magical, and everything is made with all-natural materials.

The camp includes accommodations in eco-friendly cabanas with ocean views, along with access to the chill common areas, like the pool, a big open kitchen and the yoga rooftop. They have lots of optional activities such as Kirktan, meditation, Cacao ceremony and Temazcal.

Overall, it’s a really serene place to stay and relax while you surf and deepen your yoga practice. Do keep in mind that this surf camp in Puerto Escondido does have more of a focus on yoga, so if you’re looking fo a more surf-centric experience I recommend Oasis or Experiencia Surf Camp.

Special Features

    Eco-friendly place with love for nature, even the pool is cleaned with a special cleaner so it doesn’t hurt the environment

    Vegan food and snacks available all day

    Lots of options for yoga and massages to relax after surfing

“Huge personal living quarters in a tranquil nook of a beach neighborhood. Easy walk to the beach and restaurants. It is amazing how safe it is! The community vibe of staff, volunteers and the adorable Barbarenas dogs immediately made me feel right at home. 6 days was not enough, I am already looking at dates to return.”

4.  Selina– Best Puerto Escondido surf hostel for digital nomads

Selina is located in Zicatela and thus perfect for the expert surfer who wants to be close to the action at the ‘Mexican Pipeline’. Choose from all different types of rooms, varying from dorms to private cabanas.

You can include a homemade breakfast, and also they have a good menu for lunch and dinner. There are 2 pools and the communal areas are perfect to relax or meet fellow travelers.

Internet in Puerto Escondido can be a bit slow and the only reliable internet connection is Starlink at the moment. Selina has a perfect air conditioned coworking space with a reliable Starlink internet connection, where you can work together or get in a booth for more privacy.

While not a traditional surf camp like others on this list, Selina is still worth a mention because you can add on surf camp features!

Once you’ve arrived at Selina, you can book surf lessons for all skill levels. Their professional teachers will take you to different spots around Puerto Escondido, and will make sure you have the best suitable surf lessons. They also provide board rental, surf trips to secret spots and a lot of other excursions are available besides surfing.

Selina is the perfect place to combine your surfing holiday with work.

Special features:

    Variety of surfgear for rent

    Close to Playa Zicatela

    Well equipped coworking space

“We really enjoyed staying at Selina. Our room was spacious, clean and very comfortable. We loved the different areas that were available for swimming, relaxing, watching the sunsets or doing some yoga. There are activities for everyone which is awesome. The staff were incredibly helpful and nice as well. We would come back.”

If you’re on a budget and looking for a surf camp in Puerto Escondido, you’ll want to check out the Oasis Budget Surf Camp.

The Oasis surf house is located near Playa Carizalillo and close to the city center. The accommodation offers private rooms with fully equipped kitchens and for the rooms with no kitchen there is a big, fully equipped communal kitchen.

The 7 night/8 day camp includes 5 surf lessons, surf theory classes, surf photos/video analysis, and accommodations. The camp is suitable for all levels of surfers, and Oasis provides transportation to all the surf spots around Puerto Escondido, they will find you the spot with the best conditions for the day, and all the material you need will be provided.

Plus, if you book this Puerto Escondido surf camp with another person, you barely pay more than you would for a single person- it’s a really great deal for couples or friends.

“The instructor was great, I love that it is one instructor per 2 persons. It doesn’t matter your level they adapt to you. Love the experience and I am looking forward to coming back.”

Why book a surf camp in Puerto Escondido?

Planning a surf trip has a lot of moving parts. You have to book your flights, transport to the beach town, accommodations, surf lessons, and figure out how the heck you’re going to fly your surfboards without paying a fortune, rent boards, book surf lessons, and more!

Don’t get me wrong, we love planning surf trips. In fact, take a look at our Surf Trip Planning Services and we can plan one for you!

However, sometimes it’s way easier to book a surf camp and have everything taken care of at once. Surf camps typically include accommodations, surf lessons, all surf equipment, and some even include yoga classes, all your meals, video analysis, and more!

Plus, Puerto Escondido surf camps are more than just convenience- they’re also about community. They offer the opportunity to meet other surfers and like-minded travelers.

And, more often than not, booking a surf camp comes out to be cheaper than booking everything individually! And, you’re gaining access to local surf knowledge and sometimes even secret spots – something money definitely can’t buy!

How to choose from the best Puerto Escondido Surf Camps


When it comes to deciding between the best surf camps in Puerto Escondido, we know budget is a very important factor. Luckily, there is a pretty wide range of surf camp prices, ranging from more barebones type surf camps to surf camps that include quite a bit more, and higher-end accommodations.

Skill Level

Equally important as your budget, is your surfing skill level. A lot of surf camps around the world only cater to beginners- this is not the case in Puerto Escondido! Since the area has such a diverse range of surf breaks, all of the surf camps in Puerto Escondido on this list cater to beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfers.

Is it all-inclusive

None of the surf camps on this list are all-inclusive. However, Barbarenas Surf Camp includes breakfast and lunch, so that’s the camp to book if you want to worry the least about meals.

Don’t worry if none of the camps here are all-inclusive though- Puerto Escondido has SO many fantastic options for dining, half the fun will be exploring the culinary scene!

Does the Puerto Escondido surf camp include yoga classes?

The final factor to consider when choosing your Puerto Escondido surf camp is whether they offer yoga classes. Surfing and yoga are like salt and water, they just go together. Yoga helps to improve your balance, flexibility, and strength, all of which are key to excelling in surfing.

Some surf camps in Puerto Escondido understand this symbiosis and have begun to include yoga classes in their offerings.

If you’re very into yoga, or even just curious about how yoga could improve your surfing, look out for camps that offer this fusion of surfing and yoga. (Hint: Barbarenas & Experiencia Surf Camps each offer a ton of yoga in their camp packages!)

However, if yoga isn’t your thing, that’s okay too – there are also camps that focus solely on the surf.

Puerto Escondido Surf Camp FAQs

Is Puerto Escondido good for surfing?

Puerto Escondido has surf all year around for all different levels. There are many surf spots where you can learn how to surf like La Punta or Playa Carrizalillo. And there are spots for the expert surfers like Playa Zicatela.

Where do you fly into for Puerto Escondido?

There are direct flights to Puerto Escondido from Mexico City, or you can fly directly to Puerto Escondido from Oaxaca City vía AeroTucan and AeroVega.

Is Puerto Escondido safe?

As a solo female traveler, I experienced Puerto Escondido as very safe. Is Puerto Escondido expensive?

Like the rest of Mexico, Puerto Escondido is relatively cheap to live in. Of course, you can spend a lot of money but you can get a good meal for $7 or less. It is more expensive than Mexico City but still affordable.

Final Thoughts: The Best Surf Camps in Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido surf camps are the perfect way to learn from the local surfers and really get to know Puerto Escondido and its beautiful waves, nature and wildlife!

Whether you’re a yogi, traveling on a budget, or simply looking to catch some amazing waves, I hope this guide helped you find the best Puerto Escondido surf camp. If you’re looking for more surf camps in Mexico, check out our guide to the best surf camps in Sayulita!

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