They find the body of the teacher kidnapped in Chiapas as retaliation by the CJNG against public transport drivers


The body of teacher Berni Flor Mejía Velázquez, kidnapped last Thursday, was found at 7:20 a.m. last Tuesday by elements of the municipal police of Amatenango de la Frontera, on the Motozintla-Frontera Comalapa highway section in Chiapas.

“On the dirt road that leads to the pantheon, the lifeless body of a female person is observed, in a ventral position, wearing a light blue shirt, with a logo of the College of High School Students of Chiapas, and blue jeans and white sandals. The body presents an injury caused by a firearm in the left temporal region, without presenting cadaveric rigidity, who in life responded to the name of Berni Flor Mejía. 25 centimeters away from the body, a 9 mm caliber shell casing was located,” the municipal police reported.

The teacher was kidnapped by an armed group last Thursday, September 7, while she was teaching at the Colegio de Bachilleres 216, located in the Río Guerrero community in the municipality of Amatenango de la Frontera.

“Three men entered the campus, two of them hooded, they came to where Berni was teaching. They asked her to come out, she accompanied them. After talking for a few minutes, they forced her to get into the white van said the State Attorney General’s Office. It is the only thing we have been able to confirm with people who witnessed what happened,” Marisela Mejía, the teacher’s sister, told Latinus.

The Sierra Border District Prosecutor’s Office began an investigation to clarify the details of the event and bring those responsible to justice.

The kidnapping and murder of teacher Mejía Velázquez was in retaliation against her husband.

Velázquez along with other transporters refused to participate in the blockades organized by the criminal group in mid-August on the Frontera Comalapa-Motozintla highway section.

Members of various social organizations and residents of the border region of Chiapas began some blockades on federal highway 190 as a measure of protest against the kidnapping of Berni Flor Mejía and to demand her presentation alive.

Given the murder of the teacher, citizens have announced that the blockades that are in place will remain, one at kilometer 18, near the junction with the Montebello Lakes and another at kilometer 230, near the community of San Gregorio Chamic, municipality of Frontera Comalapa, and a third on the Motozintla-Comalapa highway.

“They will continue until the government takes action on the matter, not only of the kidnapping and murder of the teacher, but also of the insecurity that plagues the Chiapas border region,” said one of the protesters.

Source: Latinus