Dinosaurs will invade Querétaro with this exhibition to enjoy for less than 100 pesos


On our tours through Mexico, we can admire many exhibitions, events, fairs and thematic festivals that will take us into different customs and even bring us closer to the past in new experiences that come to amaze travelers with different adventures in each entity and on this occasion, the Querétaro state will make you feel like you are in a Jurassic world.

Dinosaurs will invade the territory of Querétaro in a season where both children and adults will be able to meet these enormous beings that inhabited the planet millions of years ago and now, we will travel to that territory to give you more details of this expo that you can enjoy with your loved ones at the weekend.

Where to see dinosaurs in Querétaro?

Land of Dinosaurs is the name of this exhibition that is held in the traveling museum that gives tours throughout the country and that will arrive in the state capital starting this Friday, September 15 so that both children and adults can meet their loved ones favorite colossal dinosaurs and enjoy a trip to the past of our planet.

This exhibition will be made up of four rooms where you can see more than 15 animatronic dinosaurs and some original fossils or duplicates of the real ones to take your little ones into a wonderful world that tells us what planet Earth was like millions of years ago, when these enormous beings lived here and dominated the territory.

What will you find at this dinosaur expo?

A tour of these rooms includes guided tours where the audience will be explained how a fossil is discovered, how the excavation processes are carried out and everything about the origin of these enormous animals. For the guided tour, groups of between 15 to 20 people are divided and each of the tours lasts approximately 45 minutes, as well as a voluntary stay in each room to admire the details of this space.

What is the admission cost?

The general admission rate for visitors will be 99 Mexican pesos per adult and 79 pesos per child and you can purchase your tickets online by clicking on the official dinosauria.ca website. In addition, you must consider the preferential parking rate, which will cost 40 pesos or if you prefer, you can use the public transportation service that will have departures from the Manuel Gómez Morín Cultural and Educational Center of the State of Querétaro, to which you will need to have a prepaid card.

The museum will be available to the public of this city from September 15, 2023 until October 22, from Monday to Sunday from 11:00 in the morning to 7:00 at night.

Source: Escapadah