Bus falls into a ravine in Escalerillas San Luis Potosí, leaving 10 dead


The State Coordination of Civil Protection of San Luis Potosí reported the accident.

On the afternoon of this Monday, September 11, a road accident was reported on the Guadalajara – San Luis Potosí free highway, at the height of the Escalerillas slopes in the state of Potosí. A bus heading to Ojuelos de Jalisco lost control of the unit and ended up overturning into a ravine.

According to some witnesses, the passenger truck fell into a ravine and left the road. Immediately, vehicles that passed through the area witnessed the accident, so they slowed down and some even dared to help the injured.

A video broadcast on social networks showed how the truck was left. In the images, you can see how different people and nearby inhabitants of the place arrived at the accident area and began to help the injured.

They asked for the support of Civil Protection since there were people who were trapped inside the bus. Until that moment, the death of some passengers was reported, but there was no exact figure, only the information that the witnesses themselves began to disseminate was known.

The State Coordination of Civil Protection of San Luis Potosí arrived in the area, firefighters and paramedics assisted the injured and confirmed the death of some passengers. Preliminarily, they confirmed the death of 10 people and a report of eight injuries.


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