9-year-old Mexican triumphs in international arithmetic championship; Congratulations, Sarah! 


Enthusiasm, pride and happiness are emotions that have surrounded Sarah Elizabeth Ríos Morales, this is because the nine-year-old Mexican managed to stand out in the ALOHA Mental Arithmetic International Championship. 

Thanks to her effort and discipline, the native of Tampico, Tamaulipas obtained the title of Champion in this contest held on July 30 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

She stands out for her mental agility in solving mathematical operations. 

To achieve this merit, Sarah Elizabeth completed a test in less than five minutes consisting of 70 arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

“I feel very happy to have represented Mexico and to have obtained the mental calculation champion award, highlighting the name of my country in an international event,” said Ríos Morales.  

Taking this whole path into account, the little girl is totally motivated to continue practicing mathematics, an activity that she finds both enriching and fun. 

The genius girl is a source of pride for her family 

Sarah also said that her triumphs are dedicated to her entire family. Elizabeth Adriana, mother of the young girl, shared that she is extremely proud of the effort that her little girl showed throughout her training. 

“She is developing that skill that will be very useful in her professional future. I will continue to support her in all the challenges she decides to undertake.” 

For her part, her father Víctor Manuel said he felt excited to support Sarah to achieve this award, which allowed her to raise the name of Mexico, Tamaulipas and Tampico. 

Víctor Asín, the girl’s brother, also feels happy that Sarah has surpassed herself in this way and to test her mathematical knowledge outside of her country. “I was able to observe the sacrifice and effort made by her. She feels happy to have such an intelligent and dedicated sister,” shared the father of both young people. 

Sarah dedicates her triumph to her grandparents 

Sarah Elizabeth took the opportunity to point out that the Champion title that she obtained in Malaysia is dedicated especially to her grandparents Beatriz Cepeda Hernández and Pedro Morales Colunga, who have supported her iwith these achievements. 

Both Víctor Esteban and Elizabeth Adriana assured that Beatriz and Pedro are totally proud of having a granddaughter who has transcended academically. 

The student has also achieved achievements at the national level, because before excelling in the ALOHA Mental Arithmetic International Championship, she obtained second place in the national championship held on May 20 in Mexico City. 

All of her relatives shared that they would continue to support the little nine-year-old Mexican to continue this journey through arithmetic and mathematics, trusting that she will be an example for other local students who seek to stand out for her abilities. 

  Source: El Sol de Tampico