68 thousand turtle eggs have been rescued in Mazatlán 


MAZATLAN.- A total of 68 thousand sea turtle eggs have been rescued so far this year, as announced by the Beach Operator and Administration. 

The director of the organization, Luis Fernando Ortiz, expressed that with the help of biologist José Barrón, from January to September 6, 2023, 711 nests were attended to, protection was provided to 68,468 eggs and 6,365 hatchlings were released.  

It is important to remember that the most active sea turtle nesting season in Mazatlán extends from July to November. 

     «The work is being done every day; Every night the biologist is there with other colleagues attending to reports that we receive through C4. We remind you that if you find a turtle nesting on a beach, please report it to 911 and they are the ones who send us the report to attend it.” 

The area where turtles lay their eggs most frequently is Avenida del Mar, where 327 nests have been protected. In addition, 291 nests have been rescued on beaches such as Cerritos, 57 in Olas Altas, 45 in the Golden Zone and one in Pinitos. 

Ortiz explained that as a Beach Operator, his team works daily to maintain adequate conditions on the beaches, guaranteeing a safe environment for nesting. However, he recognized that this is a constant challenge, since the beaches receive a greater influx of bathers and tourists every day, which can cause contamination by micro waste. 

Currently, a team of 10 workers participates in the program, and 6 volunteers have joined in order to continue protecting the sea turtles of Mazatlán. 

«It is a great effort that is made every night to address these reports. The colleagues are well involved, they do it with a lot of passion. “It is important for both the turtles and the visitors to keep the beaches clean; it is the main attraction of this port.” 

Olive ridley turtles (Lepidochelys Olivácea), black turtles (Chelonia Mydas) and leatherback turtles (Dermochelys Coriácea) have been protected.  

The turtle protection program, which covers 21 kilometers of beach from Olas Altas to Cerritos, began in 1990. 

Originally, it belonged to the Mazatlán Aquarium, but after its closure, it passed into the hands of the Beach Operator and Administrator, which has continued its work of preserving and rescuing the nests and eggs found. 

  Source: Punto