Violent day in Veracruz: two taxi drivers are murdered and bags with human remains are found in two municipalities 


Veracruz.- In the northern area of Veracruz, the murder of two taxi drivers was reported in Tlapacoyan and the discovery of human remains in black bags in Tuxpan on Wednesday night. 

With the murder of the taxi drivers, seven homicides recorded in previous days, three executed in Martínez de la Torre and the 13 dismembered bodies found in refrigerators in Poza Rica, add up to 25 days of violent events in the region. 

The taxi drivers were executed last night, at approximately 8:00 p.m., just five minutes apart and five blocks away between each incident. The taxi drivers were identified as Lorenzo Polo Munguía, 42 years old, and Ramiro Lorenzo Cañada. 

According to the police report, the homicide of the taxi driver, with economic number 40, occurred when he was resting inside the unit on 5 de Mayo Street, between Héroes and Ferrer, in the central area of Tlapacoyan. 

His companion, who was driving unit 274, was attacked on Juárez Street, between Enríquez and Zaragoza, just five blocks from where the first murder was recorded. 

Meanwhile, in Tuxpan, people who were walking around the Cetmar school center,number 20, found two black plastic bags with human remains inside. 

Among the bags, a couple of narco-messages from a criminal group were found. 

These events occurred on the Lirio bridge, located on Aquiles Serdán street, in the Pisa Flores neighborhood, in the municipality of Tuxpan.  

The people of Veracruz are about to reach the most hostile month. The violent events began on August 10 in Tlapacoyan and Tecolutla. 

  Source: Latinus