They will give away 50,000 Tortas Ahogadas in Guadalajara to celebrate the day of this dish 


Celebrate Torta Ahogada Day in Guadalajara, trying one of these delicious and spicy dishes filled with carnitas, buche, cheek… 

About 100 years ago the Torta Ahogada was born in Guadalajara, but it was until recently that this popular dish began to be honored, and in a big way. Proof of this is that next Sunday 50,000 of these exquisite tortas will be given away. 

Just as you read it. There will be almost 50 torteros from La Perla Tapatia who will give away, to those who show up at nine thirty in the morning on the Paseo Alcalde walkway, these delicacies composed of bread, carnitas, beans, tomato and spicy sauce. 

All this on the occasion of the Municipal Torta Ahogada Day, a celebration that has been taking place since just last September 2022, when the Guadalajara council decided to establish a day for the Guadalajara dish par excellence. 

And not only that, the municipal government and the restaurateurs of Guadalajara managed to get the National Lottery to print a ticket alluding to the Torta Ahogada, which will be launched this Sunday, September 10. 

It is known that the dish has its origin in the 1930s, when a vendor in the capital of Jalisco accidentally threw a carnitas torta into a container of sauce. After this event, the son of the tortilla maker, named Luis de la Torre, El Güero , baptized the cake with the name by which we know it today. 

Now they can be eaten with various fillings: carnitas, buche, tongue, cheek, kidney, belly, combined, among other foods. However, the necessary requirement is that the bolillo is always salty. 

Over time, the torta ahogada has become a culinary icon of Guadalajara and is appreciated by both locals and visitors who want to try an authentic bite of Jalisco cuisine. In addition, variations of the drowned cake have been created with different ingredients and spiciness levels to adapt to each person’s tastes. 

  Source: Mexico Desconicido