Teenager moves to Yucatan escaping from the police but gets arrested


Rafael “N”, 19 years old, thought that it was going to be very easy to hide in Yucatán after being accused of rape in the State of Mexico, but things went wrong and he ended up detained and handed over to the Mexican authorities.

According to the report, this subject faces charges of rape in that state in the center of the country, and when an arrest warrant was issued against him, the young man fled his hometown and came to take refuge in Yucatán.

However, the Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Mexico issued an alert to the entire country, and investigative and ministerial agents from the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) and the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) managed to locate and arrest him in the near the Mérida International Airport.

Rafael “N” was made available to the Mexican authorities, who will hand him over to the Control Judge who has an arrest warrant pending with him for that crime. 

Source: SIPSE

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