When does Tim Hortons open in CDMX? 


Tim Hortons, the Canadian cafeteria company, seeks to take ground from Starbucks as one of the favorites of Mexicans. 

Since 2017, the cafeteria has been installed in the country in the State of Nuevo León, which brought good acceptance by consumers in the region. 

However, the company’s expansion plan has not stopped and its next step is to have branches in the center of the Mexican Republic. 

Last June, during Canada Day, in Nuevo León, Juan José Gutiérrez, president of Tim Hortons Mexico, confirmed the company’s arrival in CDMX this year. 

“On August 31, we will be in Mexico City,” Gutiérrez said in the video released by Hemingway. 

However, the first branch did open on August 31, but it was in the State of Mexico, in Plaza Sentura, in Tlalnepantla de Baz, which generated a great reaction among consumers. 

As for CDMX, Tim Hortons plans to open several branches in shopping malls before the end of 2023 and photos have been published on social networks in shopping malls such as Santa Fe or Interlomas. 

According to the coffee shop’s website, the business was founded in 1964 by hockey player Tim Horton with the opening of the first branch in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Three years later, Ron Joyce, the first franchisee, joined as a partner. 

In 1984, the coffee shop chain opened its first store in the United States, located in Tonawanda, New York. While in Mexico it was in October 2017. 

  Source: El CEO