They arrest a femicide who strangled a young woman in the center of Mérida 


  Citizens provided videos from their CCTV cameras 

Agents of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) attached to the State Investigation Police (PEI) reported that they arrested Andrés M.G., charged with the crime of femicide. 

The investigative police officers, in coordination with the State Attorney General’s Office, reported that they “gathered the evidence that incriminates the subject in the death of B.C.P.U., 29 years old and originally from Yucatán,” which occurred between August 28 and 29 in a room from the hotel “Rodríguez” in the Center of Mérida. 

Likewise, it was reported that based on the autopsy performed by FGE experts, the cause of death was mechanical asphyxiation by strangulation. 

The defendant, 34 years old and originally from the state of Tabasco, was made available to the control judge who issued the arrest warrant. 

In the investigations carried out by police and prosecutors, the collaboration of citizens who provided videos from their surveillance cameras of both private homes and businesses was of great help, for which the authorities express their gratitude. 

  Source: Infoliteras