Yucateca exposes an Airbnb host in Mérida for discriminating against his family; ‘they don’t accept locals’  


The Airbnb application began in 2008, when two designers who had free space welcomed three travelers looking for a place to stay at their home. Since then, millions of people have opted for this new idea of accommodation, where hosts and guests get in touch to rent their apartments or rooms to people who want to feel the trip or time to enjoy the place as their home. 

On this occasion, a young Yucatecan woman exposed on social networks the bad experience that she has had with the last house rent on this platform, since what would be a celebration ended in a bad time, since she affirms that her family was discriminated against solely for be local. 

Among her publication, the Facebook user Fredeswinda Ake, affirms that: “My dad paid in full, however the host sent him a message saying that they do not accept local people, it makes me very angry because in the application it does not say anything that they do not accept local people “. 

But that’s not all, the host named Alonso Daniel, made the young woman’s father cancel the reservation, since it was not a tourist family who would occupy it. 

What caught the attention of users of the social network is that the house has a name in the Mayan language, “Casa Ka’a Pe’e Kay”, spoken in the Yucatan Peninsula and not in other parts of the country, so that caused anger for ‘profiting’ from culture and they began to fill in the reviews of the house with comments regarding the situation that occurred, several people even recommended filing a formal complaint with the corresponding authorities. 

 Source: Por Esto