They detect a high number of irregular vendors on the beaches of Mazatlán 


During the summer vacation season, it has been possible to detect around a thousand vendors who work without permission in the beach areas of Mazatlán, denounced the leader of the CTM Beach Vendors Union, Jorge Ríos Rubio. 

     “It is a phenomenon, like every year on vacation, there were many people who went to work these weeks without any permit, which represents unfair competition, since they offer the same merchandise and give it to a lower price,” he said. 

He mentioned that during these holidays there was an oversaturation of merchants in the area, because although in Mazatlán there is only a register of 600 vendors in this space, around a thousand have been discovered who do not have said permit to work in the federal zone. 

Ríos Rubio highlighted that the vendors who arrive are from Puebla, Oaxaca and other parts of the country, because in this destination the federal zone is practically free, since Profepa is absent, and this causes discomfort among the vendors who have all the permits. 

The leader stated that during the holidays they saw a lot of vendors arrive who do not have any paperwork, but since there is no order, much less surveillance, this problem increases, and they only need to end up removing those who do carry out the entire correct process. 

On the other hand, he pointed out that this holiday closure has led to a significant decrease in the number of visitors and at the same time their sales are down. 

During the holidays, sales were up to 90 percent during the strong period, but today they have dropped by up to 40 percent. 

 Source: Punto