Some expats are changing their minds about San Miguel de Allende


A couple of years ago I visited San Miguel de Allende. I wrote a post on my visit at the time, saying that it was a pretty place, that it was well equipped as a Western retirement spot, but that I had found San Miguel de Allende overly ‘gringorized’ and as being “Mexico-lite”.

A few people weren’t happy with me saying that.

Coming back recently I have to admit I really loved my time there. What changed? A couple of things, most not really not having to do with San Miguel itself.

After a year of full-time travel, coming to San Miguel to visit my mom was a break. It’s a pretty place, has great restaurants, and, as I’ve said before, great infrastructure for the expat. It was easy and fun and is definitely not a difficult destination. I stand by my “Mexico-lite” comment…the difference this time is that’s exactly what I needed.

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