In broad daylight they assault a tourist in Paseo del Pescador 


A tourist from Michoacán was assaulted on the Paseo del Pescador, when she was circulating near the Archaeological Museum of the Costa Grande; they took a bag with money and cell phones from her. 

Mrs. Lucia Castillo, originally from Jacona, Michoacán, denounced between 2:30 and 3:00 in the afternoon, at the height of the museum she was hit by a man who was carrying a knife and directed her towards one swing where he threatened her with harm her if she did not hand over her belongings. 

The woman who was waiting for her husband who had gone to the bathroom described the man as young, thin, wearing a white polo shirt with red stripes on the neck and a cap. She said that he took a bag that she always wore around his neck with money, her cards, documentation and two cell phones, an IPhone 14 and a Huawei. 

The 53-year-old woman said that she visits the destination two to three times a year and after this event she no longer wants to return. She added that when she was able, she reported the assault to the Tourist Police that they managed to search in the area, but they did not arrest the criminal. 

 Source: Meganoticias