Alert for disappearance of a US minor in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo 


The Guerrero State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) reported this Thursday on the disappearance of a minor of American origin in the municipality of Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, one of its most important tourist destinations. 

This is Atlas Neptune Boylan, four years old, who together with his mother, Kathryn Margaret, were last seen on July 22; However, it was until August 23 that his father and husband, a native of the state of Michoacán, went to the Municipal Police to file a complaint with the authorities. 

After 48 hours of the complaint, the FGE activated the Amber Alert and disseminated the search file through networks. 

According to the file, Neptune Boylan is fair-skinned, of a medium complexion, with straight blonde hair, bushy eyebrows, a flat nose, medium-sized mouth and lips, and blue eyes. 

The authorities indicated that they fear that the child is the victim of a crime, for which they requested the collaboration of the public to find him. 

While Kathryn’s, the Alba Protocol tab, indicates that she is fair-skinned, thin, 1.60 meters tall, blonde hair, and short blonde eyes. In addition, he has two tattoos: one in the shape of a flower on his left shoulder and a Christian cross on his right arm. 

To provide information in this regard, they provided the telephone numbers: 800 832 7692 or 911. 

 Source: Infobae