Funeral home employee in Cancun dies after trying out drugs found in corpse  


A singular event occurred in a funeral home in Cancun, when an employee died after smelling drugs that they found in the clothes of a corpse that they prepared for his service. 

According to preliminary information, the events occurred last Monday afternoon when Luis N was preparing for a transfer. 

Suddenly, his health deteriorated, leading him to request help from his colleagues, who first took him to an office, but unfortunately, he lost his life a few minutes later. 

The funeral home staff immediately contacted the emergency services through the number 911, arriving at the scene elements of the Municipal Police and Ministerial Investigations 

Subsequently, experts arrived to take care of the body and rule out any indication of violence in the cause of death. 

According to the accounts of those involved, it was possible to find out that Luis N and another worker had worked with the bodies of two brothers who died of an overdose the previous Sunday in a private clinic. 

But while they were moving the bodies, they found a quantity of drugs among the belongings of the deceased. 

Unfortunately, curiosity led Luis and his partner to try the substance, causing his death. 

About the other worker, it was said that he experienced symptoms of tachycardia but having consumed a smaller amount of the narcotic, he managed to survive. 

There is a second version of this case, which indicates that the worker died, but due to complications from diabetes, this being the reason why the staff of the State Attorney General’s Office did not intervene in the case. 

Source: Sipse