Multiple crash reported in Puerto Escondido; 11 vehicles involved and several injured 


A multiple vehicle crash was recorded on the Costera 200 federal highway, near the El Regadío bridge in the tourist destination of Puerto Escondido, in the region of the Coast of Oaxaca. Material damage was considerable, and people were injured. 

At least 11 automobiles were involved in the accident: four compact vehicles, three motorcycles, two Estaquitas-type trucks, a cargo van, and a dump truck. 

Paramedics from the Mexican Red Cross and Civil Protection from the municipalities of San Pedro Mixtepec and Santa María Colotepec arrived at the scene to treat the injured, who were later transferred to city hospitals. 

Witnesses to the accident mentioned that the dump truck lost control due to a brake failure, which triggered the multiple collision near the El Regadío bridge. 

     “We took a girl who came on the motorcycle under the truck, fortunately she was wearing a helmet that saved her,” they said. 

It was reported that the driver of the dump truck, who was responsible for the incident, escaped from the scene. 

The area was cordoned off by officers of the Municipal Police and the State Highway Police. In addition, agents from the National Guard Roads division appeared at the scene to carry out the pertinent investigations. 

Source: Milenio