From July to August there are 18 missing persons in Mazatlán: Vice Prosecutor’s Office 


Within the framework of the International Day of the Victims of Forced Disappearances, which is commemorated this coming August 30, the Deputy Prosecutor of the Southern Zone of Sinaloa, Jesús Arnoldo Serrano Castelo, pointed out that the number of complaints for disappearances in Mazatlán has decreased in the In the last month, however, only between July and August, there are 18 missing cases. 

He explained that only in July 12 cases were registered, while so far in August there have only been 6, however, he did not specify the total number of disappearances that Mazatlán has so far this year, acknowledging that he had no data at hand and much less how many victims are men or women. 

     “So far this year I do not have the data, but if so far in recent months, in the month of July there were 12 cases and so far from August 1 to 24 there were 6 cases, then if we are talking of a decrease, if you compare it from one month to another we are going down and in this last week it is only one research folder ”he declared. 

According to the National Registry of Missing and Unlocated Persons; Mexico exceeds 100,000 cases, taking as a reference that since 2006 at least 14 people have disappeared per day at the national level and are never seen again, however, the official pointed out that the commitment to families is to give results, so He assured that he will continue in coordination with the different authorities to reunite them with their relatives. 

Source: Radio Formula