Costco Hits Resellers Hard; limit the purchase of cakes and pies 


In recent years, it has become popular to resell Costco cakes, playsets, and more. Although the franchise never mentioned anything about it, it even favored them because the resellers were their own customers, it seems that they have changed their minds and have limited the purchase of these products. 

The measure was seen at a branch in Cuernavaca, Morelos. The notice posted on the shelves reads: “Bake and pie sales are limited to 5 units total per member on the same day. Chocoflan limited to 2 units. The rule makes no distinction between memberships, so those who pay more also have to abide by the provisions. 

In this way, Costco tries to keep products within the reach of all its customers and not just a few. The shortage of cakes and pies has to do directly with the implementation of local businesses where slices of them are sold for approximately 40 pesos, depending on the final price of the dessert.  

The new rule imposed at Costco in Cuernavaca sparked conversation on social networks. On one hand, the store’s customers said they were satisfied with this movement, since they consider that they have less and less opportunity to buy cakes. Some members even accused the franchise of supporting or encouraging resale, leaving aside their own business allies. 

In the other perspective are the resellers. Those subscribers who have seen a livelihood opportunity in reselling exclusive Costco products. In social networks, more than one case of people who are dedicated to the sale of desserts and have achieved significant economic stability have been seen. With this regularization, the owners of “changarros” may be affected. 

It should be noted that at the moment it is only in force in said Cuernavaca branch, but it is not ruled out that it will be implemented nationwide in Mexico. 

Source: El Mañana