MULT announces blockades in different parts of the state of Oaxaca 


Three men representing the Unifying Movement of Triqui Fight(MULT) arrived at the entrance to the Ciudad Administrativa facilities, stating that they were upset at the lack of seriousness and responsibility of the Government Secretariat in charge of Jesús Romero. 

In a video broadcast on social networks, they pointed out that justice has not been done for the attack suffered by Triqui members in San Juan Copala, after “enemies of peace” attacked their vehicle. 

     “They shot at a truck belonging to the priest of the church. They always persecute us,” they said. 

The members demand that the State Government support the victims of the violence of the Triqui nation. 

     “We no longer believe in the minutes,” said the representative, who added that they have been patient for years. 

He informed that in view of the attacks against the members of the Triqui community, they will carry out different blockades at important entrances to Oaxaca: 

     Blockage on the Mitla – Tehuantepec superhighway 

     Puerto Escondido Airport 

     Entrances and exits from Cuicatlán and Teotitlán del Valle 

     The entrance to Pinotepa Nacional, on the road to Rio Grande 

     “There is no step back. Today we show that we have the capacity and the strength to defend our Triqui brothers,” said the militant. 

   Source: NVI Noticias