Foreign woman disappears in Playa del Carmen; critic of anti-covid vaccines 


The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) activated the Alba protocol after reporting the disappearance of Nekendra Karen Kingston, who apparently disappeared on August 9 and the case was reported yesterday. 

The last place where the American was seen was in Playa del Carmen and it is unknown how she was dressed; She in her country is identified as a detractor of coronavirus vaccines, stating that the Pfizer laboratory intends to inoculate each application with artificial intelligence; she also pointed out that they had toxic substances such as graphene oxide. 

The family of the former Pfizer employee said in a statement that the last time they had contact with Karen was on August 9 when she contacted a brother from Mexico. They asked people to stop speculating about her claim regarding vaccinations and to pray for her safe return. 

“Our concern is for Karen’s health and safety. We are requesting an end to speculation and the politicization of her statements,” said the woman’s family. 

Since August 14, the Kingston family announced that they have taken steps to officially report Karen as missing in Mexico, specifically and according to the search file in the town of Solidaridad, in the North Zone of the State. 

It is unknown if the woman was on vacation in the Riviera Maya; It was only known that the search was announced yesterday at 4:00 p.m. on the FGE’s social networks. 

   Source: Por Esto