Cruise tourism represents a positive economic spillover. 


Martin Ochoa, Mazatlán’s secretary of tourism, has reported that the cruise ships that arrive at the port have a significant economic impact on the city, generating a spill of approximately 40 million pesos for each cruise ship that arrives in the area. 

Ochoa stressed that tourism from cruise ships is not limited only to the tourist area of the port, but also extends to the rural area of Mazatlan, where there are highly relevant tourist attractions. 

The tourism secretary stressed that cruise tourism makes an important contribution to the economic and social development of the region. In addition to the direct benefits in the tourism sector, such as the generation of employment in hotels, restaurants and tourist services, there is also a boost in other economic sectors, such as retail trade and local crafts. 

Ochoa emphasized the importance of promoting a greater diversification of the tourist offer in Mazatlan, including the rural area as an additional attraction for tourists who arrive on cruise ships. Such a strategy would make it possible to extend the economic benefits to less explored areas and relieve congestion in the traditional tourist zone. 

   Source: Viva la Noticia