There will be free sterilization of dogs and cats in Tulum 


The Municipal Health Directorate carried out the pre-registration of dogs and cats to carry out a free sterilization day this August 19 and 20 in the double dome of the Tulum Sports Unit. 

Due to the above, Sonia Vargas Torres, director of municipal Health, reported that there was an important participation of the citizens, who took their pets to register them for the first surgeries. 

She explained that there will be around 300 surgeries that will be carried out in August, September, October and November, in groups of 70 to 80 sterilizations per month and with advance registration a few days before the conference. 

She said that it is necessary to pre-register days before the surgeries to see the health conditions of the puppies and kittens, since, if necessary, they will be referred to a veterinarian, in addition to the fact that the sterilizations will be done with scheduled dates and times.  

She added that they also delivered the first doses of dewormers for the pets and each dog and cat was medically evaluated. She announced that these pre-registration modules and sterilizations will also be carried out in the Mayan communities, where this problem occurs in the same way. 

She said that the purpose is to reduce the birth rate of canines and cats that do not have a home and end up on the street, causing damage to public health. In addition, she called on the owners to protect and care for their animals, she asked not to leave them on the roof because in these hot times they also suffer from thirst and dehydration. 

Sonia Vargas mentioned that it is also necessary to educate the animals and that the owners keep the pets in their homes and not let them loose, because there have been cases of attacks on people.   

  Source: La Jornada Maya