The beautiful natural spas that are close to Tampico 


If you are looking to escape the routine and immerse yourself in nature, the natural spas near Tampico are your perfect destination.  


One of the hidden treasures near Tampico is the Nacimiento de Tamuín, located three and a half hours from the city.  

Inside this oasis, a serene river awaits you as it meanders through the lush vegetation, creating an atmosphere of tranquility, as well as a mysterious cave, crystal clear waters and the imposing water source will take your breath away. 

The bamboo trees, the varied flora and fauna, create an idyllic environment to relax and unwind. 

You will also try dishes from the region, the perfect place for it is its dining room, where each food is cooked over firewood. 

In addition, they have public bathroom areas and changing rooms for your comfort, as well as a souvenir shop. 

Santa Anita Dos Spa 

Another of the natural spas near Tampico that you cannot stop exploring is Santa Anita Dos, located just half an hour from Ciudad Valles. 

Here, the crystal-clear water and the small waterfalls invite you to a refreshing bath, the serenity of the environment is combined with exciting water activities. 

With camping areas, a swing and a charming bridge, this spring promises an unforgettable experience. 

Tambaque natural spa 

The Tambaque natural spa is another jewel that awaits you near Ciudad Valles, its crystal-clear waters and natural diversity will surprise you; despite the freshness of the water, once submerged, you will not want to get out. 

The landscape, adorned with stone elements, will captivate you and become one of your favorite places. 

In addition, its barbecue area and palapas allow you to enjoy a delicious meal in the middle of nature. 

These natural spas are true treasures that will give you moments of tranquility and connection with nature. 

Take advantage of its proximity to Tampico, Tamaulipas, and discover the magic that each one of them has to offer.   

  Source: Top Adventure