ERIS: the new subvariant of COVID-19 that has already arrived in Mexico


ERIS: symptoms and what you should know about the new subvariant of COVID-19 that has already arrived in Mexico.

The World Health Organization (WHO) unveiled the new subvariant of Covid-19, dubbed Eris, designating it as a “variant of interest” in a risk assessment.

According to the WHO, EG.5. It appeared for the first time in February 2023, so the cases have been increasing steadily to the point that it was reported that during epidemiological week 29 (July 17 to 23, 2023), the global prevalence of GD.5 was 17.4%. This is a notable increase from data reported four weeks earlier (week 25, June 19-25, 2023), when the overall prevalence of EG.5 was 7.6%.

Known as “Eris”, this new subvariant that descends from the Omicron variant, the WHO reported its presence in at least 51 countries, including the United Kingdom, China, Japan, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Australia, Singapore, France, Portugal, Spain and the United States the countries with the highest number of cases.

Upon reporting its presence on social networks, millions of users nicknamed the new coronavirus subvariant Eris, in honor of a goddess from Greek mythology; however, as of yet, the World Health Organization has not yet recognized the name.

What are the symptoms of subvariant EG.5.1?


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