They investigate what caused a fight in which two inmates were injured in the “El Castillo” prison in Mazatlán 


Culiacán, Sin.- The origin of a fight is being investigated in one of the modules of the “El Castillo” prison, in Mazatlán, where two inmates, one of them identified as Ezequiel “N”, were injured by blows and sharp instruments, for which both received medical assistance. 

Through social networks, the Secretary of Public Security of the State, Cristóbal Castañeda Camarillo announced that one of the inmates, due to his injuries, had to be transferred to the General Hospital of the port and the other was treated in the prison infirmary. 

Without giving further details, the state official announced that he instructed the Internal Affairs area of the Secretariat itself to carry out an investigation into this fight, where two inmates were injured. 

Castañeda Camarillo reported that the two inmates were being held in the Observation area of the “El Castillo” penitentiary when the lawsuit was filed, for which reason the custody elements on duty had to intervene. 

Last July, in this same prison, an inmate named Eduardo “N” was found dead in one of the modules. The unofficial version is that he was found hanging, with a kind of belt in a shower. 

The authorities of the detention center notified the State Attorney General’s Office of this death, without providing further details, if the inmate was sentenced for a crime under common or federal jurisdiction. 

It was only reported that on the morning of Sunday, July 2, when the attendance roll was called for the port prison population, it was discovered that an inmate was missing, so when checking each of the modules, they found him hanged in a shower. 

 Source: El Universal