President of El Salvador criticizes AMLO’s government lack of action against crime in Mexico


On Thursday, August 10th, the femicide of a young woman that went by the name of Milagros in the city of Léon, Guanajuato went viral on social networks, to the extent that even Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, retweeted the video and harshly criticized the fact.

“But the ‘human rights’ NGOs won’t say anything, they don’t care about the deaths of honest people. They would only come to the defense of the murderer, the State needs to do its job and get this man off the streets,” Bukele wrote.

In this regard, President López Obrador said that “lasting peace is achieved with justice and we are putting that into practice and I do not want to argue with the president of El Salvador.”

He insisted that his government is doing things right and that the security strategy works, since corruption and poverty are being fought, and it is supported by social programs.

AMLO regretted the femicide of Milagros and reiterated that the causes must be addressed, since “it is not about applying measures and they are different realities.”

Source: OEM

San Miguel Post