The rains flood the city; tourists and Mazatlecos, affected 


The copious rain that was recorded yesterday morning flooded Mazatlán. The Jabalines stream overflowed, the main roads of the city became large streams and thousands of people were left without electricity. 

Stranded vehicles, hundreds of people stop, Mazatlecos on foot and others in Civil Protection and Aquatics vans were able to get to their jobs, and tourists, leaving or arriving at the lodging centers. 

The accumulated water had a record of between 77 and 95 millimeters, accompanied by winds that exceeded 35 kilometers per hour in the city. 

The municipal president Édgar González Zataráin made a tour of areas that have historically been affected, such as Jacarandas, El Toreo, Infonavit Playas and in the tourist area. Neighbors reiterated the request that work be done to address the flood problem. 

Within minutes, the Jabalines stream filled up and overflowed into the streets. The water arrived at the houses on 20 de Noviembre and Jacarandas neighborhoods. 

There, the water rose to the garages and some houses, where the inhabitants swept it with a broom, and with the support of the Municipality workers they washed and removed the mud from the streets. 

Due to the constant damage that the residents of Cedros Street have suffered, now they have their beds in iron structures more than a meter high, and their refrigerators in a fence that they built. 

They use a ladder to get food out of the refrigerator and put it away, as well as to get on the bed. 

Every time it rains they don’t sleep for fear of being trapped underwater. 

Affected tourism 

The Tarpon Shrimp was once again under water. Tourists and workers moved in the middle of the huge river that formed in the heart of the tourist area. 

The Civil Protection and Aquatics personnel in the units moved hundreds of people to their jobs, brought them closer to their homes, while tourists were taken out of the lodging centers to a point and others were returned to the hotel. 

The water reached people above the knee. They walked barefoot, protected with plastic bags and cardboard, along the entire avenue to Camarón Sábalo, to get to work. 

Likewise, at bus stops, dozens of users were on top of the benches waiting for urban transport or a taxi service to reach their destination. 

In Mazatlán there were streets where the water covered cars and even trucks that are taller. 

Some required the support of Civil Protection to be able to leave. 

In Benito Juárez, in El Toreo and in Palos Prietos, several avenues were closed to traffic. 

This generated traffic chaos in a large part of the city, and even in the center, but this did not prevent hundreds of national and international tourists from walking through that area. 

Agents of the Municipal Traffic Police were waiting in the streets and avenues that remained flooded after the heavy rainfall yesterday morning in different parts of the municipality. 

The reports 

Canal overflows, flooding in streets and avenues, as well as failures in electrical power transformers were the reports recorded by the Civil Protection Coordination during the heavy rains on Wednesday morning. 

Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, head of the agency, commented that the rainfall began at 06:00 am and from that moment they were aware of the accumulated water in the city. 

An average of 21 reports received the agency, all related to yesterday’s storm, which mobilized the rescue and relief forces. 

Among the emergency calls, 10 attentions stand out for short circuits, downed cables and damaged transformers on poles of the Federal Electricity Commission. 


During the rain, the agency learned that a car was swept away by the current in the Hogar del Pescador neighborhood and a motorcycle was stranded in the Infonavit Alarcón. 

Similarly, they provided support to 106 people who were stranded on a boat on Isla del Medio. 

Source: Debate