The largest aquarium in Latin America to open in Mexico City


The largest aquarium in Latin America, Parque Tepeyac Plaza Aquarium, will open its doors in Mexico City later this year. The impressive Parque Tepeyac Aquarium spans a total of 322,917 square feet. Residents and visitors will witness a true marvel that promises to enchant and educate visitors about the wonders of aquatic life.

While details regarding the number of species and specimens that will call this aquarium home have yet to be revealed, the establishment is gearing up for a grand debut. The intriguing project garnered support from academic institutions, underscoring its commitment to species preservation.

The driving force behind this ambitious endeavor is Fibra Danhos. It is a real estate trust with a portfolio encompassing various shopping centers in Mexico.

With an investment exceeding $352 million, the Parque Tepeyac Plaza project embarked on its journey in 2018. However, it has had a series of setbacks including government closures, shifts in management, and the pandemic.

The aquarium is 30,000 square meters big, it will be an entertainment center that will have no competition in Mexico, and much larger than Grupo Carso’s Inbursa Aquarium, which has only 7,000 square meters.

It will have the support of academic institutions for the preservation of the species and so far the number of species and specimens that will inhabit this aquarium is unknown, nor have the costs to enter been revealed. What he does know is that Fibra Danhos has worked with the owners of the Michín aquarium located in his Parque Puebla and Guadalajara shopping center.


Despite the challenges, the development has been pushing forward and aims to attract thousands of tourists every year. The awe-inspiring structure will be accessible through Eduardo Molina Avenue, Pelícano Avenue, and San Juan Street. It sits in proximity to the Martín Carrera metro station, which provides connections to Line 4 and Line 6.

Located in the Granjas Modernas neighborhood, the commercial hub takes root at 389 Calzada San Juan de Aragón, nestled between Calzada San Juan de Aragón and Eduardo Molina.


The Mexico City Post