Young woman reported misssing in the state of Campeche


Ana Laura Carpizo Gómez has been missing for a week after being last seen in Campeche, where it is presumed she could be in the states of Yucatán or Quintana Roo.

The 20-year-old girl was last seen last on Friday, July 21, when she was at Gerardo Baqueiro’s hostel located in downtown Campeche.

Her disappearance has been reported to the Campeche Prosecutor’s Office and its Yucatan counterparts since it is presumed that she could be located in the neighboring state.

According to information from her father Enrique Carpizo, who has made his daughter’s disappearance viral through social networks, Ana Laura was wearing beige pants and a sweatshirt, white sandals with black, and a purple suitcase.

The search for her has been extended to the Yucatan Peninsula, as it is feared that the 20-year-old girl is the victim of a crime.

Both Campeche and Yucatan authorities are already working to locate Ana Laura Carpizo Gómez after almost one week of her disappearance.

Source: SIPSE

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