In Querétaro, Xóchitl Gálvez called on international human rights organizations to observe AMLO’s attacks against her

Xochitl Galvez (Photo: Sipse)

The candidate for the Frente Amplio Por México (Broad Front for Mexico) celebrated the decision of the Electoral Tribunal and once again defended herself against the accusations made by the president.

PAN senator Xóchitl Gálvez called on international human rights organizations to observe the attacks by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador against her just for seeking to lead the Broad Front for Mexico.

The presidential candidate who toured Querétaro, celebrated the decision of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary, which, upon determining that certain expressions emitted in the morning could constitute gender political violence, ordered the Complaints and Complaints Commission of the National Electoral Institute to analyze, once again, Gálvez’s complaint against the head of the Executive.

“It is an important step not only for me, but for all women in this country because for years I have thought that the only reason a woman arrives here is because there is a group of men behind her, and I believe that this has To stop. No male, even if he lives in the National Palace, can belittle women, ”she said at a press conference.

According to Gálvez Ruiz, President López Obrador exercises gender-based political violence against him because, “by telling lies,” such as that his companies billed 1.5 billion pesos and that he did business with the government, he tries to prevent him from getting the nomination. of the Broad Front for Mexico.

He stressed that it is perfectly typified in the law that when a man tries to prevent a woman from reaching a position, it is gender-based political violence.

“He tries to tell people that I’m a damn rich man, that’s what he wants, for people to hate me because how could I have sold jellies and tamales. What he (President López Obrador) is trying to generate hatred towards me. What he is doing with lies is not a good intention, ”denounced the Mexican politician.

“I call on the international community to turn around and see how the head of the Mexican State has become the campaign manager for his Corcholatas. He’s going to try to strike me down, whatever he gives rise to. Do you know why? Because I have empathy with people, ” she concluded.

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