If you want to try the best quesadillas, this Oaxaca cheese is the best according to Profeco 


Profeco offers a valuable tool: its specialized publication that evaluates and compares various products on the market. Its main objective is to offer solid options so that you can make informed and conscious decisions when buying items for your home. 

This essential guide contains detailed information on the characteristics, prices, quality and performance of the products, allowing you to select those that best suit your needs and preferences. By avoiding impulse or uninformed purchases, you can get the best value for your money. 

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What are the best Oaxaca cheeses according to Profeco? 

According to the August 2022 Consumer Magazine study, nine brands of Oaxaca-type cheese were evaluated and Bafar, a Mexican brand of bulk Oaxaca cheese, was determined to be the healthiest option. This cheese stands out for containing low levels of fat and a significant amount of protein per serving, which makes it a nutritionally balanced alternative. 

Another brand recognized by Profeco is Parma Sabori, which presents nutritional values very similar to those of Bafar per serving. Both cheeses have approximately 21.5% protein, which is the minimum amount required to pass the evaluation, and their fat contents are 23% and 22.5%, respectively, the latter being the minimum necessary to meet the standards of the Profeco.  

Both Bafar’s Oaxaca cheeses and Parma Sabori’s cheeses meet the quality criteria established by Profeco and are an attractive option for those seeking an Oaxaca-type cheese with a good nutritional balance. This information is useful for consumers interested in making informed and informed decisions about their dairy purchases. 

On the other hand, of the cheeses that were analyzed by Profeco, those that are reduced in fat were also pointed out. These cheeses usually lower their fat level by up to 25% compared to the standards established in our country, so their number of calories also decreases. 

The two low-fat cheeses that were best rated were 400 gr Esmeralda Lite, with 14% concentrated fat, and 400 gr Lala Light, with 15% concentrated fat. 

What are the worst Oaxaca cheeses? 

Nochebuena Lite cheese was the worst evaluated by Profeco due to various deficiencies in its nutritional information and composition. This cheese does not show the complete nutritional information to the public, which represents a lack of transparency in the presentation of its data. 

In addition, it stands out that its moisture content is the highest among the cheeses analyzed, reaching 56%. It also has a fat percentage of 15%, which can affect the quality and characteristics of the product. 

Regarding the cost, this cheese is located at 13.24 pesos per 100 grams, which can influence the perception of value by consumers. 

What is better Oaxaca or panela cheese? 

Both Oaxaca and panela cheeses are healthy and nutritious options that are widely consumed in many culinary cultures. However, there are some nutritional differences between them that can influence which is considered healthier, depending on individual dietary goals and preferences. 

Oaxaca cheese is a spun paste cheese, similar to mozzarella, characterized by its soft and elastic texture. It is an excellent source of protein and calcium, essential nutrients for bone and muscle health. On the other hand, panela cheese is a fresh cheese of Mexican origin, with a firm texture and mild flavor. It is also a good source of protein and calcium. 

In terms of fat content, panela is typically lower in fat than Oaxaca cheese, making it a lighter option for those looking to reduce their fat intake. However, Oaxaca cheese can have a more pronounced flavor and greater versatility in the kitchen due to its ability to melt.