Floods in Chalco Estado de Mexico due to the overflow of the sewage canal (VIDEO)


The authorities and residents are working at forced marches to restore normality.

The residents of Chalco, in the State of Mexico, had a difficult night this Wednesday, July 26th, after the overflow of a sewage canal that has flooded a large part of the town. The torrential rains increased the flow and caused one of the fences that kept it in its channel to break.

The rain has flooded the Fraccionamiento Los Héroes and that, added to the large amount of torrential rains that have hit the region these days, has caused the streets to be cut with up to 30 centimeters of water.

Videos of the incident show water overcoming the wheels of cars parked on the street. Dressed in plastic boots, the neighbors drag into the drains with a broom as their only tool.

Source: El Pais

The Mexico City Post