Man is murdered on Mexico City’s subway station


On Wednesday, July 6th, around 9 pm, there was a shooting at the Bellas Artes station of the Mexico City Metro, which left one deceased.

The motive was the theft of 15,000 pesos (approximately 850 USD), this information was revealed, just like an expert television host, by President López Obrador during his Thursday morning press conference, adding that there are already two detainees.

He pointed out that the case was analyzed at the meeting of the federal security cabinet and regretted the fact.

“There was another wounded according to the reports that were presented to us today. It was an assault, the two people who committed this crime have already been arrested, ”he explained.

He added that the CDMX government will report on the matter and stressed that there is constant surveillance “and we are pending everything.”

Source: OEM

The Mexico City Post