Maravatío Michoacán: A Precious Place with History and Nature


Maravatío Michoacán Mexico is a city and municipality in the northeastern part of the state of Michoacán, bordering the state of Guanajuato. It covers an area of about 698 km² and has a population of about 89,311 inhabitants as of 2020¹. The name Maravatío comes from the Purépecha language and means “precious place” or “precious stone”.

The city of Maravatío was founded in 1540 by the viceroy Antonio de Mendoza, as a barrier against the Chichimeca people. The Franciscan missionaries established a temple in the name of San Juan Maravatío. The city was an important granary during the colonial and Porfirian periods, and it hosted Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla in 1810, during the Mexican War of Independence. The municipality was created in 1831 and was the birthplace of the liberal politician Melchor Ocampo.

Maravatío is also known for its natural attractions, as it is part of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. The municipality has several forests of conifers that are visited by millions of monarch butterflies every year. The climate is temperate and humid, with an average temperature of 16°C. Some of the places to visit in Maravatío are the Parroquia de San Juan Bautista, the Teatro Morelos, the Mirador, and the former haciendas of Pateo and San Nicolás.

Maravatío Michoacán Mexico is a precious place that combines history, culture, and nature. It is a destination that offers visitors a glimpse of the rich heritage and diversity of Michoacán.

Source: OEM

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