Business opportunities in Mexicali, Baja California 2023


Cafeteria: According to the 100Negocios website, a cafeteria is one of the most profitable businesses in Mexico, since coffee is a very popular and demanded drink. In addition, you can offer other products such as cakes, cookies, sandwiches, etc.

Importing from China: According to the same website, importing products from China is a good option to take advantage of the low production costs and the wide variety of items that you can find. You can import clothes, cell phones, toys, accessories, etc., and sell them in your store or online

Industrial services for companies: According to the Data México website, Mexicali is a municipality with strong industrial activity, especially in the electronic and medical sectors. Therefore, you can offer services such as maintenance, repair, installation, cleaning, etc. to companies that require it.

Cargo Transportation services: Cargo Service companies that carry out all type of courier tasks for their customers and clients, and provides transportation of any type of goods including garments, merchandise, retail and whole consumer goods, and any other legal materials.

These are just some business ideas that you could consider to start in Mexicali in 2023. There is also a good job offer for university graduates.

Source: Secretaría de Economía e Innovación

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