Could 200 retired Mexican boxers who fought in California be eligible for pensions?


TIJUANA, BAJA CALIFORNIA.- The Mexican government said on Friday, June 16th, that more than 200 retired Mexican boxers who fought in California may be eligible for pensions.

The little-known pension fund holds around $2.5 million USD. Boxers of any nationality over age 50 were eligible, as long as they had fought one fight per year for four years, or 75 professional rounds total, in California.

Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department said it had a list of 206 Mexican boxers who might be eligible. The department said it had already located 23 ex-boxers, and given checks to four of them.

One of those who got a check was José Refugio “Cuco” Rojas. Rojas said he had no idea the money existed until he got a phone call four months ago telling him he was eligible.

“It was very simple,” Rojas said of the application process, adding that “money is always welcome.”

Source: La Jornada

Baja California Post