The example that AMLO forgot with the millionaire contracts of his son’s friends


Latinus journalists carried out an investigation, disclosed by Carlos Loret de Mola, which documents those three friends of Andrés Manuel López Beltrán, son of President López Obrador, received contracts for more than one hundred million pesos, from federal authorities, through a network of companies headed by name lenders, who simulate competition to win bids.

In the report “The businesses of Andy’s friends in the federal government” it is explained that López Beltrán’s friends were benefited from contracts, such as the one granted to them by the National Water Commission (Conagua), to assume the management of the projects that are being built in what was to be the New Mexico International Airport, canceled by President López Obrador. In addition, they were hired by the Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development to carry out the executive project of the new General Agrarian Archive, in the CDMX Center and entrusted them with laying the foundation for what will be that building.

Andy’s friends are Alejandro Castro, Santiago Jiménez and Diego Jiménez, who pretend to “compete” through the “companies” Organismo Promotor Logístico, VEA Arquitectos and AZ Gerencia de Proyectos. According to Latinus, they have earned more than one hundred million pesos from public sources, operating their “business” network. In addition to their relationship with the president’s son, they share partners, administrators, investors and domicile in CDMX.

Andrés Manuel López Beltrán is the second son of the first marriage of President López Obrador, he studied at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the UNAM. Close to the family comment that Andy is his father’s favorite son. He supported him as a political operator during his campaign.

Questioned in his Mañanera about the benefits obtained by Andy’s friends, President López Obrador denied that his children are corrupt. He called the Latinus investigation a slander. He acknowledged that the contracts of Andy’s friends “Yes they must exist, but my children have nothing to do with it. My children are not corrupt.”

“Loret puts out a report that my children are doing business, which is flatly false. It is part of journalism, if it can be called that, that he exercises, because in reality he is a mercenary who belongs to the journalism underworld, nothing happens because it is not true”.

The phrases repeated by López Obrador about the fight against corruption are innumerable, as is his statement “we are not the same” and that of his inauguration when he said that he would not tolerate improper acts by his brothers, children and relatives and would only take responsibility for his youngest son.

The reality has been different. During his government period, corruption scandals in his family circle have been disclosed. Two videos of David León, operator of the previous Chiapas government, show the moment in which he delivers envelopes with money to Pio and Martín, “Martinazo”, brothers of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. An alleged embezzlement in Tabasco, for more than 200 million pesos, from the wife of Ramiro López Obrador, Concepción Falcón, was also made public.

It was reported that his cousin Felipa Obrador, a businesswoman, obtained Pemex contracts for more than 365 million pesos. An audio was released in which a niece, coordinator of Morena in Tamaulipas, asked a supplier for “moche”. The most notorious scandal is that of the “Grey House”, owned by a Pemex contractor, where his son José Ramón lived in Houston.

In all these cases, López Obrador’s response has been to deny, to say that it is being investigated and to let time operate in oblivion. Although the family is not chosen, it must be protected. Today with Andy’s friends the formula is repeated. The problem is denied and the journalist is attacked.

At the beginning of the six-year term, an action by López Obrador indicated that the government would not tolerate those close to him obtaining contracts. This was the case of Bio-Pappel, of the businessman Miguel Rincón, López Obrador’s compadre, who had obtained the contract through an international tender for the sale of paper to the National Commission for Free Textbooks, which he had to resign when the president expressed that he did not know that he had won.

“I did not know that he was participating in the tender, I found out until he won and they notified me, but I will look for a legal way to cancel the contract.”

They were the first days of the Government of López Obrador, at that time he said, as now, that in his government there would be no corruption or impunity because he did not want to give the press reasons to say that his government is equal to others.

He said in April 2019: “We are not only honest, but we also want it to be known, that there is no doubt of our integrity, it is to be and to appear, and this applies to everything. He won the tender legally, but I want it to be canceled so that people don’t think badly, not give my adversaries something to talk about.”

The beginning of the six-year term is not the same as the end. This is what happens when there is no transparency. This is the “ideal world” of simulation and opacity. and the INAI?

Source: Yahoo