What does the Sangría Señorial soft drink contain that PROFECO found alarming?


Sidral Señorial soft drink is a non-alcoholic drink made with wine, it was launched in 1965

In the analysis that the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (PROFECO) carried out on 46 different soft drinks, it found that the Sangría Señorial brand contains an ingredient on which it issued a warning, as also happened with Barrilitos.

The PROFECO found that the Sangría Señorial provides half information to its consumers, since it does not detail the type of sweetener it contains.

The soft drink brand in question states on its label that it contains fructose; however, it does not specify that it is high fructose syrup, which is harmful to health.

High fructose syrup is an American product made from genetically modified corn, which replaces sugar in many products because it is cheaper.

This ingredient is considered harmful to health, since it is responsible for many chronic diseases; plus, it’s addictive.

According to the Jalisco Ministry of Health, high fructose syrup contributes to overweight and obesity, increases abdominal fat, cholesterol and induces dental problems.

As if that were not enough, the ingredient in question generates insulin resistance; it causes behavioral problems and headaches, because they act on the pituitary gland, a gland that regulates mood; it causes hyperactivity in minors and alters the sense of taste.

Given this information, the institution in charge of caring for consumer rights points out that the Sangría Señorial brand should mention that it contains high fructose syrup.

What company makes Sangría Señorial?

The Sangría Señorial soft drink, about which PROFECO made an important observation, is produced by the company “Del Fruto”; the product was released on the market in 1965 and is made from non-alcoholic wine.

 Source: Formula Noticias