Four Colombian citizens executed in Zacatecas

Photo: El Tiempo

Four Colombians from the same family died last Sunday, April 23rd while traveling on a highway in Zacatecas, Mexico.

According to the first versions, the events occurred after an armed attack when individuals tried to stop the vehicle in which the Colombians were traveling, but the driver continued on.

The vehicle was traveling through the municipality of Villa de Cos when they were attacked by members of an organized crime group. In addition to the four Colombians, the driver, and co-driver of the vehicle, of Mexican nationality, also died.

The Zacatecas State Attorney General’s Office is investigating the identity of those who were behind that attack. It is presumed that the perpetrators of this murder had the objective of robbing or kidnapping the occupants of the vehicle.

The dead Colombians, including two minors aged 4 and 10, were originally from La Guajira, Colombia.

Source: El Tiempo

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