7 seconds of pleasure: Does a couple from Mexico hold the record for the shortest sexual relationship?


In 2021, the news went viral that a Mexican couple from Mérida, Yucatán, had set the Guinness Record for having the shortest sexual relationship in history, which would have lasted only 7.8 seconds.

Local media spread the story of Román and Elisa, a couple who enjoyed recording their intimacy, so they had “proof” that they had lasted less than 8 seconds in bed.

According to the outlet HoyTamaulipas, they sent the video to the Guinness World Records offices in Mexico and timed the exact seconds since the subject took off his clothes.

However, AFP was in charge of investigating the matter and determining that there is no record or existence of a Guinness record for the “shortest sexual relationship.”

According to the news agency, the image broadcast on the Internet did not even occur in Mexico, as it would be a barbecue in Brazil, corresponding to the largest beef barbecue.

In addition to this, when entering the official Guinness Record site, there is no section that highlights “the shortest sexual relationship.”

In addition, when consulting with a Guinness public relations representative, they received a response that this type of brand “is not in accordance with their record policies, as it is associated with a category that may be considered inappropriate,” says AFP.

Source: Hombre 100