Neighbors Affirm that “There is a Dinosaur” in Atizapán Dam


Reports of a strange animal in the Madín Dam, the municipal police of Atizapán announced that they will do special rounds

The municipality of Atizapán de Zaragoza, in the State of Mexico, declared that it has received news of several alleged sightings of a large animal in the Madín Dam. Presumably, the neighbors would point out that it is a “dinosaur”.

The strange report was made on March 19 through the municipality’s official Facebook account. According to the publication, local authorities received intriguing reports about an animal in the dam.

Neighbors of the area surrounding the Madín Dam reported the sighting of a large silhouette in the depths of the aquatic body.

The government of Atizapán also pointed out that several inhabitants “say that a dinosaur dedicated to protecting the place lives at the bottom of the dam.” Therefore, the local government will carry out patrols around the dam:

At the request of the citizens, the Government of Atizapán de Zaragoza will carry out patrolling in the surroundings of the place to clear up the mystery.

Although several Facebook users took the post as a joke, others commented that for at least 30 years there have been suspicions of “a large carp” living in the dam, as user Joao Manoel Correa pointed out. Others said that it was possible that a lizard had reached the prey.

The Atizapán government publication included a photograph of an alleged sighting of the mysterious animal. Not a few users claimed to be happy that their municipality now had a local monster capable of competing with that of Loch Ness.

Source: Nmas