Xavier López, ‘Chabelo’, Mexican actor and comedian, dies at age 88


Xavier López, best known for his beloved character ‘Chabelo’, has died. The actor was the owner of the program “En Familia con Chabelo” for more than 40 years.

The Mexican actor Xavier López, who is known for his character  Chabelo, died. The driver marked an entire era on television, since for more than 40 years he accompanied Mexicans every Sunday morning with the En Familia con Chabelo program.

Xavier López was born in Chicago, Illinois on February 17, 1935, although his parents are from León, Guanajuato. At the age of one, he and his parents returned to his state of origin, where he lived for his first eight years, before moving to Mexico City.

During his youth, Xavier López decided to study medicine, meanwhile, he began to get involved in the world of television, which later led him to leave to dedicate himself fully to acting. 

Xavier Lopez Chabelo

The story behind Chabelo 
Over the years, Xavier López met Ramiro Gamboa, better known as Tío Gamboín, who at that time was the host of the musical program known as Carrusel.  

“El Tío Gamboín” gave him the opportunity to participate in the program in which he told a joke about a character named Chabelo, a name that Xavier López adopted from that day on.

The En Familia con Chabelo TV program was on the air from 1975 to 2015.

RIP Xavier Lòpez “Chabelo”


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