Toll roads in Mexico go up in price: these are the new costs to leave CDMX by highway


The day arrived and the concession booths to the National Infrastructure Fund have risen in price. The increase due to inflation was scheduled for March 1 and it was later postponed to take effect on March 6 “after two years in which the rates did not present any increase,” reads the official Twitter account of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation.

The increase should be accompanied by better highway maintenance. According to the secretariat, “the concessionaire was instructed to take the necessary actions to guarantee that the physical state of the highways has the optimal level of service.”

New prices

The costs in CDMX are as follows:

Mexico – Cuernavaca: 136 pesos (before 126)

Mexico – Puebla: 198 pesos (before 184)

Mexico – Querétaro: 198 pesos (before 184 pesos)

Mexico – Pachuca 63 pesos (before 58 pesos)

Other important sections to consider are the following:

Cuernavaca – Acapulco: 585 pesos

Tlalpan Elevated Viaduct: 164 pesos

Monterrey – Nuevo Laredo: 304 pesos

Puebla – Acatzingo: 81 pesos

Querétaro – Irapuato: 185 pesos

Reynosa – Matamoros: 92 pesos

Tijuana – Ensenada: 134 pesos

Torreón – Saltillo: 242 pesos

Green Indians – Tizayuca: 63 pesos

Acatzingo – Mendoza City: 156 pesos

Cadereyta – Reynosa: 316 pesos

Cordoba – Veracruz: 247 pesos

Chamapa – Lecheria: 61 pesos

Gomez Palacio – Corralitos: 302 pesos

La Rumorosa – Tecate: 94 pesos

La Pera – Cuautla: 75 pesos

All the new prices of the FONADIN highways were published by the SICT in a document that, strangely, is not yet on its site, but is stored in Wetransfer. The prices listed in this post correspond only to automobile.

Source: Xataka