Level of democratic development in Mexico stagnated downward


The Democratic Development Index in Mexico registered a slight improvement in 2022 compared to the previous year. However, 30 of the 32 entities in the country are still in a range of medium to minimal compliance.

The Democratic Development Index of Mexico 2022 revealed that the country remains stagnant in terms of respect and development of institutions, the press, civil organization and controls over democracy and improvement of the economy.

The index gave a national score of 4,264, slightly better than the 4,138 it received last year.

This places the country at a low level of democratic development.

While in 2020 there were 11 states with high levels of democratic development, now there are only two states: Yucatán and Sinaloa.

The remaining 30 entities are in the medium to minimal ranges.

Source: El Economista