3 out of 10 Mexican women suffer from cyberbullying: UN

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Three out of 10 Mexican women who use the Internet have suffered cyberbullying, which is equivalent to 10 million women, the United Nations office in Mexico reported on Wednesday, March 8th, on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

The UN warned in a statement that digital violence “can lead to other forms of violence in the real world”, citing physical, sexual, and psychological violence, harassment on the street or at school, stigmatization, isolation, and even femicide and suicides.

He also warned that this phenomenon “prevents their full and equal participation in public life and has serious repercussions in all areas of their lives and in societies in general.”

“Women with a public voice, especially journalists, communicators, and human rights defenders, are exposed to systematic online gender violence, including selective surveillance without judicial authorization,” the agency said.

The United Nations documents that 40 percent of women in Latin America are not connected to the Internet, which represents more than 89 million people.

In Mexico, the organization specified that 63 percent of women who do not use the Internet report that the main reason is that they do not have the knowledge to do so.

In addition, he pointed out that in the 2021-2022 school year, only 23.67 percent of the people enrolled in bachelor’s degrees in the area of ​​Information and Communication Technologies were women.

In this context, the UN stated that, globally, men are 25 percent more likely to have the knowledge and skills to use technology than women.

“The United Nations calls on all sectors to eliminate the gaps that prevent women and girls from fully accessing the digital age, and to take actions so that technology promotes and facilitates their participation in science, innovation, and in their own developments. technology,” he urged.

The call comes as Mexico reaches International Women’s Day in the midst of a wave of sexist violence, with more than 10 women murdered every day, in addition to a historical record of almost 30,000 disappeared. 

Source: EFE

Mexico Daily Post