VIDEO: Young Danish woman discovers that in Monterrey people eat pork rinds; in her country it is a LUXURY dish


A tiktoker of Danish origin showed her surprise when she discovered that chicharrón in Mexico is a popular food while in her country it represents high purchasing power.

A woman of Danish origin, who currently lives in Monterrey, posted a video on her TikTok account in which she shared her surprise upon learning that in Mexico chicharrón is a very popular food available to everyone, while in Denmark, her country of origin is considered a dish for people with high purchasing power.

In the clip, the user is excited to discover the taste of royal pork rinds and explains what the dish is called in Denmark.

In the video posted on the account -@theforbiddenlamp- the user named Laura explained that in Denmark the dish, whose main ingredient is pork rinds, is called Stegt Flaesk Med Persillesovs, which can be translated as “pork strips”.

“This is our national dish. The people of Mexico eat our national dish, I’m going to try it in a taco with salsa. Your mind will blow with this adorable combination”, explained the young woman.

The young woman explained that in Denmark, the traditional dish is served with potatoes and parsley, and it is a meal eaten by people with high purchasing power; while in Mexico we accompany it in green sauce and with tortillas to make it into a taco.

The viral video has had a great response from Internet users who recommend that the Danish tiktoker try the chicharrón with guacamole or beans, or with delicious pico de gallo.

“comadrita, eat it with guacamole and green sauce”; “Try it with beans and avocado”; “Don’t forget to add lemon”; are some comments.

Source: Milenio