Mexican cartels have a strong presence in Oregon State

osephine County Sheriff Dave Daniel stands amid the debris of plastic hoop houses destroyed by law enforcement, used to grow cannabis illegally, near Selma, Ore., on Wednesday, June 16, 2021. (Shaun Hall/Grants Pass Daily Courier via AP)AP

Law enforcement agencies say that Mexican cartels have been targeting tourist destinations along the Oregon coast in an attempt to conceal their operations.

Mexican cartels are sending their well-prepared, bilingual businessmen to the United States, to expand their business.

These people are looking for opportunities to open up new points of sale and headquarters in different American cities.

Pockets of Cartel-related activity are popping up all over the United States, especially in small semi-rural towns along the Pacific Coast, particularly in Oregon State.

The Oregon State government said in a statement that illegal Marijuana farms are being opened in different parts of Oregon.

As it is well-known, Southern Oregon and northern California continue to be home to unauthorized marijuana farms and growing operations. Some of those have links to drug syndicates and Mexican cartels.

The majority of cartel operations discovered to be operating in southern Oregon are Mexican cartels but there have been operations found tied to Chinese and Russian drug cartels as well.

Foreign drug cartels that established illegal outdoor marijuana farms in Oregon since 2020, are adapting as pressure on them begins to mount, US law enforcement officials said.

Source: Associated Press

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