The Financial Times says a US jury weighs the fate of Genaro Garcia Luna


On Thursday, February 16th, a Brooklyn jury will begin deliberating the fate of a former high-ranking Mexican security official accused of taking millions in bribes from the notorious Sinaloa drug cartel in a case that has exposed the failures of the drug war waged by the US and Mexico.

The jury heard how, in late 2006, the cartel’s lawyer Oscar Paredes met Genaro García Luna — then head of Mexico’s FBI, and soon to be the country’s minister for public security, in a Mexico City restaurant and passed his associates a briefcase and duffel bag containing $3mn in cash.

In exchange for the cash, García Luna — who would later meet senior US officials such as Hillary Clinton as the figurehead of Mexico’s war on drugs — pledged to protect the Sinaloa cartel and “make sure there were no investigations”, the criminal organization’s one-time accountant Jesús “El Rey” Zambada told a Brooklyn federal court this week.

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Source: Financial Times

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